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Mongolia: The Gospel is Being Reached...

Updated: May 27, 2020

Mongolia was known as ``the end of the world`` during the communist regime and had been remained closed to the outside world for seventy years during the Soviet Union. With the former Soviet ``perestroika`` (fall of communism), Mongolia has entered into a new page of history, freedom and democracy. There was no Christian presence recorded during those closed seventy years of exile under Leninism.

With the fall of communism in 1989, first missionaries arrived in the country with the hope to bring the good news once again to this country. The first Christian gathering was founded in the fall of 1990. Soon next few Christian gatherings were founded with students from English language classes whose teachers were Christian missionaries. By the end of 1991, there were three churches separately formed and the Christian population at that time was less than one hundred local Christians.

However, it was only the humble beginning. Just under three years, the passionate new believers committed themselves to spread the good news day and night in every places they lived and went. Through street evangelism, home visitation, and involvement in Jesus film project, they started to take the gospel out in homes and streets. Whatever methods they had learnt from missionaries, they practiced them out in life straight away. As a result, church planting was mushroomed everywhere. At least sixty churches were planted in those three years of evangelism and the average attendance of evangelical churches reached at least 6000 by 1996.

Today, almost 30 years later since the first church was planted in 1990, over six hundred local gatherings of believers can be found in every corner of Mongolia in various forms of gatherings, from a house church of few believers to the growing churches of hundreds of people in a single gathering. It is estimated that in last 25 years hundreds of local churches have been literally planted in every center of each 21 provinces. Total Christian population is nearly seventy thousand adults, plus hundreds of children, and it reaches over 2% of the population. In His own time and way, God applied His eternal word to the hearts of many Mongols and the church of Christ is now firmly established in the heart of Asia.

At the Graduation Ceremony, Central Mongolia, 2008

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