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Our Projects

Mongolian in diaspora spread out in many regions of the world. No matter where they live, they need the Gospel. Therefore, our ministries focus on planting churches, training more church planters and leaders, and building a healthy biblical network for diaspora Mongolians.


Two-Year Local Leadership Training

Since 2002, we have been training local leaders in remote places of Mongolia. Our main project is to provide local leadership training in different locations of Mongolia. 

Each training lasts for two years with four training sessions a year. A group of trainers travel to each province center where local leaders from surrounding villages would gather for a week long in person training.

Diploma in Leadership program

We partner with Gateway Seminary to offer a diploma program in Church Leadership to train and equip more servant leaders in diaspora Mongolian churches. It is a combined training of both in person and online program. Currently, we have students from UK, Canada, South Korea, Mongolia and the USA.

Church Planting

The world needs to hear the saving power of the Good News. One of our core ministries focuses on planting more Mongolian churches among Diaspora Mongolians. Right now, we are focusing on planting more churches in Bay Area, CA with the intention of developing more church planters and leaders for spreading the movement.

Ministries: Programs
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